#38 Sneak Peek of the Latest Arist Apps

Hi Coffeephiles! It’s time for a coffee break! We have important news for you. The latest iteration of the Arist Consumer App and Barista App are scheduled to be released this November and it has reached the final stages of App development. This November, users can purchase coffee beans through Arist Consumer App for the very first time. We will be running more testing before it is released in November. As we have mentioned in the previous update, the new iteration of Arist Consumer App will be available in iOS v1.6, Android v1.3 and Windows Phone v1.0. We would like to invite all of you to join our Arist community and help us identify the imperfections so that we can enhance the user experience before Arist is delivered to everyone of you.

#37 Arist Home is Almost Ready

Hi Everyone! 

A lot has happened since our last update and we’re here to bring you some EXCITING news! Ready for the BIG news? Arist Home Edition is READY!!! That’s right! You didn’t read it wrong. Before we get to the meat of this update, we really want to apologize again for the delays and how we've handled communications with you all. We promise we will be keeping all channels of communications open and you will always know what we are doing to get Arist Home shipped to you.

#36 Update Preview

We’ve got so much to tell you. Unfortunately, we’ve been so busy working on the Arist that we almost forgot about releasing an update at the end of July. We understand the wait can be very frustrating, especially for something as anticipated as the Arist. If we need to blame anyone at all, it’s got to be Vincent. He’s always sleeping on the job, sigh...