#35 Reintroducing the Arist Apps

Hello Everyone!

We’ve been focusing so much time on the hardware side of our project that our software team’s been feeling a bit left out. So we’ll be dedicating this update to show what our amazing software team’s been doing.

We released our Arist app for consumers in the Apple App Store in March and another Arist Barista App is also in the works. The Arist Consumer App is crafted to bring convenience for coffee lovers who just want to enjoy the perfect cup without any hassle. It’s basically a plug and play app designed with a simple interface, allowing users to download ready-made recipes, tweaking foam level, cup size and milk temperature with a push of a button. You don’t have to be a coffee expert to enjoy a perfect cup of joy.

The Barista app on the other hand is dedicated to professional coffee enthusiasts who wish to step up their coffee game, tweaking every detail with precision. Designed as a lab app, users can fine tune water temperature, grind size, extraction time, tamping force etc, perfecting their daily brew with every nitty-gritty detail. Recipes are open for interpretation with the Barista app as well; with a push of a button, you can publish your recipe and show off your coffee knowledge with the coffee lover community.

Arist Consumer App Update

Since the debut of the Arist Consumer App in March, we’ve released two subsequent versions. 

Version 1.3 is our latest release, focusing on UI optimization to have all UI fine-tuned on different devices (e.g. iPhone5). 

Version 1.3 also includes these additional features: 

  • Profile > My Taste - a behavior analytics section with charts 
  • Feedback/Review on Recipes 
  • Report Abuse in recipe comments 
  • Search function in Store 
  • Recipe and Bean Sharing (to Facebook) 

Update your Arist Consumer App today to check out all the above features! We’ll continue to improve the app as we get more feedback.  

Arist Barista App

We want you to experience the art of brewing coffee like never before. Who says brewing a perfect cup of coffee can’t be rocket science! Users can experiment with brewing coffee by adjusting different variables in the Coffee Laboratory. Bring out the best taste of the beans by fine-tuning grind size, extraction time, ground weight, water temperature, water volume, milk temperature and milk foam. You will find 3 main features in the Barista App, including:

  • Coffee Laboratory

The quick view window on top of the screen shows the status of your Arist machine. In the coffee laboratory, you can create lab reports with 7 adjustable brew settings, adding side notes to your experiments, and save all outcomes under lab report.

  •   Recipe Submission

You can submit your recipe after creating a desired lab report. After your profile is verified, you can fill in the details and submit the recipe for approval. The submission page also shows you the status of your application. Currently, the Arist Barista app can only process generic beans purchasable in supermarkets or other big retail outlets that comes with a bar code. We are looking to expand the bean store further down the road, allowing users to purchase all kinds of beans with the app.

  • Store & Account

After your recipe is approved, your creation will be officially published in the Arist recipe store. The Arist community will be able to purchase and download your recipe. You can manage your store, edit or unpublish your existing recipes, and check out the sales analytics report. Find out what kind of coffee your followers like and plan ahead to match their ever-evolving tastes!

The Barista App is scheduled to be released in July.  

The next update may include news about an android, a window, and shape and size of a unicorn. Stay tuned!