#42 Arist Update

An Inside Look at the Arist

We received a lot of PMs from backers asking for more information about the machine since the last update was published. In this update, we are going to describe a few key components in detail and let you take a closer look at the internal components of the Arist. We know you’re also eager to find out more about the production timeline and refund procedures as well, so let’s bring you guys up to speed.

Production progress

We know that a lot of you are concerned about the progress of Arist. Our engineers have been working hard on it and we can confirm that soft tooling has been completed. We are now making some minor tweaks and soon manufacturing will start.

Also, we've already sent part of our team to the aid our manufacturer at the factory. Based on their production capacity, it is estimated that the first batch of Arist should be ready by the end of Quarter 2 (June). We will conduct regular inspections on the factory to ensure the production is on schedule and the final product meets our strict standards. We will keep you posted with the production progress in the coming updates.

A Look Inside Arist

If you have followed our comment section closely, you might have noticed that one of our backers, Markus, had recently visited us in our office in Science Park. We gave him a tour of the office and we also invited him to our lab where he got to witness the development of Arist. We are very happy that Markus, who is also working in the coffee industry and has experience in hardware production, is impressed with our progress. He encouraged us to show some of the components to all of you so you would know we are on the right track, and we think that it’s a great idea. So without further ado, here’s a photo showing a few internal components of the Arist.

  • Module 1 : Grinder Module
  • Module 2 : Milk Frother Module
  • Module 3 : Syrup Dispenser Pump Module

As you can see, all these modules have a really compact design so that they can all fit nicely into the Arist. Since we’ve already showed how the milk frother works a few times in our videos (watch it here if you haven’t!), we thought we’d take this opportunity to talk more about the grinder and syrup dispenser pump.


Module 1 - Grinder Module

Everyone who loves making a good cup of coffee would know the importance of a quality grinder.

Since it plays an important role in brewing a perfect cup, we’ve put a lot of effort into designing the perfect grinder to fit into the Arist. While there are a lot of options on the market, we've put a lot of effort into designing our own grinder to ensure optimal performance and fit into Arist's compact size. Numerous tests were done to ensure the quality of the Arist grinder module.

The Arist grinder module now consists of 4 main parts: motor, gearbox, grinder burr and grind size adjuster. We’re now using a 58mm flat burr which is a standard size for mid-range to higher priced grinders. We have custom-designed the longer burrs which provides more contact between the burr and the beans, resulting in a more consistent grind size to extract the best flavors every time. Since we’ve changed the design of the grinder burr, we have found a better match of other components like the motor and the gearbox as well.

Another important component of the grinder module is the grind size adjuster. It is the little helper that helps us get our desired grind size for different kinds of beans. With just a few taps on the phone, we can easily adjust the grind size by approximately 20µm.

Module 3 - Syrup Dispenser Pump Module

If you are a big fan of coffee drinks with syrup, then you will love the design of the syrup dispenser. As you all know, Arist’s dual syrup dispenser design allows users to have two different kinds of syrup choices at the same time. The whole design is that each of the dispenser is connected to a tube, then the tubes are connected to the pump which provides consistent pressure to deliver an accurate amount of syrup to your favorite coffee drink. The tubes are then connected to the outlets where the the syrup is released.

Safety and hygiene have always been our first priority, especially when it comes to something sweet and thick like syrup. The whole dispenser pump module has a seamless design, so you don’t have to worry about any contaminants or bacteria getting into the module. Not to mention that the dispensers are easily changed and cleaned, which makes the whole cleaning process more hassle free!


Fulfilling coffee bean orders and issuing Arist Koins


Thanks again for all of our volunteers' contribution. Your feedback will help us fix bugs and continue to optimize the Arist app for better user experience. We have already shipped out the first bean orders this week. Currently, we have the Italian Blend 01 and Guatemala Antigua SHB EP available for purchase. We are hoping to get more feedback on the bean quality and packaging later. Also, we are planning to issue the Arist Koins to the rest of our backers in the coming June.  

Refund Arrangement

We are going to issue the refund through Kickstarter within this month. For those who have applied for a refund, please send us a PM before April 30, 2017 to confirm that your credit card information on Kickstarter is up-to-date.

As usual, thank you for sticking with us. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a comment below and we’ll respond to your questions and enquiries as soon as possible.

Vincent and the Arist Team