#41 The train keeps on rolling...

Hello folks! The past few weeks after CES have been hectic for us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those backers who sent us supportive messages and offered to help spread the word for Arist. Your support means a lot to us and we’ll keep up the good works. Now let’s bring you up to speed.

Arist App Update

Since the last update, we have been receiving inquiries regarding to the Android app. We have already published the app on February 21, 2017 and you may download it from the following link: http://ow.ly/hUW1309xwnu. As it is still an early iteration, it might not be as compelling as the iOS app and there are still some features missing when compared to the iOS app. An upgraded iteration for both the iOS and Android users are under development, our software team is modifying the interface to enhance the user experience and more stunning features will be added.

Meanwhile, the iOS app has been resumed from the temporary suspension due to system upgrade. The system upgrade is completed now and the existing users are advised to delete the older iteration before reinstalling it. If you come across any problems in downloading the app or registering as a member, please PM us via Kickstarter for assistance.

Recruiting volunteers for Arist app


As mentioned in our previous update, every Kickstarter backer is entitled to an amount of Arist Koin that is equal to their original Kickstarter pledge value. We are about to issue the Arist Koins so backers will soon be able to spend the Koins on their favorite coffee beans. We would like to invite around 10 - 20 volunteers, preferably living in the U.S, to be the first to order coffee beans with the Arist Koins.

The recruited volunteers are required to send us feedback on their experience or comment on the coffee beans they receive. It will help us facilitate the initial app features.

The Coffee Beans

We found a really good local coffee roastery that sells a wide range of fresh gourmet coffee beans. Our Q-graders went to the roastery for cupping and tasting the coffee in person, and they all speak very highly of the coffee. Here's a list of the specialty grade beans that will be available in the Arist Store and their descriptions:


We will be gradually putting the above 9 coffee beans up on the Arist app. But since we are going to do a test run on the app, we'll only be making 2-3 beans available for selection for the time being. Therefore we’d want to check with you guys which bean you would want our volunteers to try the most. So everyone please let us know in the comments below which one you’d want the volunteers to try. If you have any questions about the beans, feel free to let us know too! We’ll try our best to answer them.  After gathering everyone’s preferences, we will pick the top 3 most-preferred beans for the trial period. They will then try them out and share their thoughts on the beans with us (more details to follow after the volunteers are selected) so everyone can get an overall idea of the quality of the beans.

Just a friendly reminder, volunteers will be using their Koins for the beans but the shipping will have to be paid by credit card. For the rough shipping cost to the U.S., please refer to update #39.


How to become a volunteer?

If you are interested to become one of the volunteers, please state your interest in the comments here or on Kickstarter. Then PM us the following details via Kickstarter:

  • State the reason why you want to join this volunteering task; and

  • Provide us your Arist app account

    • Registered by email: please provide the email with which you used / will use to sign up for that account

    • Registered by Facebook account: please send us the link of your Facebook account with which you used / will use to sign up for that account

Once we finish processing all the applications, we will send out a confirmation to the selected backers. We’ll keep everyone updated on the volunteer selection.



As you can see, we are trying to be more responsive to our backers and we are posting regular updates on our website’s blog section as well, so please subscribe to our website if you’d like to stay tuned.

We were featured on Techgeek 365 and IPPINKA last month. Here are the links:

TechGeek 365: https://www.aristces.com/blog/2/arists-latest-coverage-techgeek365

IPPINKA: https://www.aristces.com/blog/2/arists-latest-coverage-ippinka


Again, thanks for being patient with us on this journey. We know a lot of you are expecting more information about the machine itself, so we will be focusing more on hardware for the next update.


Vincent and the Arist Team