#39 Arist Consumer App & CES

Hi coffee fanatics, it’s time for an update on our project. We have some really exciting news for you this time, so make sure you stay till the end of this update!

Arist Consumer App  

As mentioned in update #38, the Arist app is right on schedule and we’ll be submitting it for final approval by the end of November. 

Currently, we are in the middle of organizing everyone’s credits in the Top Up System and Koin System so that once you get the app, you can start purchasing coffee beans and other merchandises, you will have the right balance of credits and Koins in your accounts.  

Coffee Beans on Offer!

To thank everyone for their continuous support, we will be having some coffee beans on offer so that you could get a good deal before we officially launch our app to the public:

  • 10 specialty beans  
  • 3 commercial beans

More details about the beans will be announced in the next update when the app is launched. Currently only 13 different beans are on offer for the initial launch and we will be expanding the selections to include much more later on.

For the shipping, we have two options:  

  • Express Delivery - Delivered in 3-6 days: ~ $12 USD per 250g of beans  
  • Standard Delivery - Delivered in 7-14 days: ~ $5 USD per 250g of beans

If you are ordering the specialty beans, we recommend choosing the Express Delivery for optimum freshness.

Stripe as the Payment Gateway

In order to provide you with a safe and secure online payment environment on our app, we will be using Stripe, a fast and safe online payment platform, as our payment gateway so you wouldn’t have to worry about any safety issues.


In our previous update, we mentioned that we were going to release information regarding our new timetable. We’re happy to say that production is on schedule and everything will be ready April 2017.

Arist is heading to Sin City!

We’re also very pleased to announce that we will be showcasing our Arist machine in one of the world's largest electronic exhibitions. From January 5th-8th 2017 you can find the Arist team at CES in the bustling city of Las Vegas, eager and ready to unveil our Arist machine to the world.

Arist is honored to play a part of next-generation innovations, while having the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the world's top business leaders and pioneering thinkers. Our team believes that we too have something totally unique to contribute. Arist is the first coffee machine on the market that provides complete control over every step in the brewing process, allowing users to recreate barista’s fine craftsmanship time and time again.

Looking at how the industry is evolving in terms of fair trade and environmentally friendly policies, has inspired us to make a bigger contribution to the coffee loving community! During the past couple of months 3 of our colleagues have become certified Q Graders, myself included. As Q Graders, we have a social responsibility to communicate and teach farmers about better farming techniques and practices that can better the quality of the coffee beans they grow.  

We take coffee brewing very seriously and encourage all of you, our loyal backers and international coffee enthusiasts to start the year right and come check us out at CES to get hands on experience with our product. I will be there to answer all of your questions. Hope to see you all there!  

Vincent and the Arist Team