#38 Sneak Peek of the Latest Arist Apps

Hi Coffeephiles! It’s time for a coffee break! We have important news for you. The latest iteration of the Arist Consumer App and Barista App are scheduled to be released this November and it has reached the final stages of App development. This November, users can purchase coffee beans through Arist Consumer App for the very first time. We will be running more testing before it is released in November. As we have mentioned in the previous update, the new iteration of Arist Consumer App will be available in iOS v1.6, Android v1.3 and Windows Phone v1.0. We would like to invite all of you to join our Arist community and help us identify the imperfections so that we can enhance the user experience before Arist is delivered to everyone of you.

Introduction of E-commerce

For the new iteration of Arist Consumer App, we are turning it into an Application that supports E-commerce. We are proudly introducing two new systems: Top Up System and Koin System.

Top Up System   

We are introducing a new Top Up System for users to purchase coffee beans through a safe and secure payment gateway. Users can make a deposit into their account through the gateway and the item value will be deducted from your account when you purchase a fresh bag of coffee beans. Users will be able to check the remaining value and the latest transaction records in the App.

Koin System and Compensation Scheme  

We are rewarding users with our Koin system. Every time you purchase anything through the Arist consumer App, you will be rewarded with Arist Koins. You can redeem your favorite coffee bean with these Koins. The “K” in “Koin” actually stands for Kickstarter. We could not have come this far without our backers’ support from Kickstarter.  

Backers will receive an email in their Kickstarter accounts which will invite you to activate your account. The backers-only accounts will contain credits equivalent to the amount pledged for the Arist Kickstarter campaign. The Arist Koins can be used to redeem coffee beans for now and much more coffee goodness later.

New UI Design  

New details have been added to the recipes to reveal something more about the coffee beans, estimated shipping costs and professional brewing advice for your information. It also enables you to create and save your own recipes for the next brew. Purchasing coffee recipes is not available at this stage yet, but we will continue to release more and more features before and after Arist is out on the market.

Shipping Addresses and Payment Details  

As the Arist App will automatically save your shipping address(es) and payment details for the next purchase, we will ensure that every transaction is made under a secure environment. To protect users’ privacy of making online transactions is our top concern. We are going to take all precautionary measures necessary to protect Arist App users.


Brew Like a Professional

Other than the features we have already mentioned in update#35, we would like to highlight some new add-ons for the App here:

Virtual Arist  

Virtual Arist simulates the user experience of brewing a cup of coffee with the real Arist. We added some exclusive data for the Barista version such as water pressure level and water temperature, allowing our baristas to preview the brewing process from a professional perspective.

Barista Registration  

If you run a local coffee business and wish to open an online store on our platform, you can complete the registration procedures in the Arist Barrister App. We will verify your identity once you have submitted the Business Registration Certificate.

New Challenges  

We are going to do a lot of testing on these new features and focus on building the notification system for both Apps in the coming weeks. There are always challenges ahead and we won’t deny it, but our team has been doing their best to overcome these obstacles.

The Importance of Security in Online Payments  

E-commerce surely brings convenience to our lives where we can purchase the things we need online and the products will be delivered right to our doorsteps. However, it also gives rise to the online payment safety concern since more and more criminals are trying to illegally obtain our personal data. Our software team is dedicated to build the safest payment environment for Arist App. Every transaction will be made through a highly secure gateway and the stored information will be protected against cyber crime.

Protect Baristas’ Intellectual Property

We appreciate baristas from all over the world sharing their secret recipes on our platform. Every recipe represents the hard work and dedication of a truly coffee lover and they should be honored, respected and rewarded according to their contribution to change coffee history. Therefore, we do not tolerate plagiarism of the coffee recipes. We are exploring effective ways that we can prevent anyone from stealing the hard work of our community members.

User Experience  

Like every other Application, we strive for the best usability and functionality for Arist Apps. We want users to find the process of purchasing coffee beans on our App easy and pleasant so it is essential to strike a balance between simplicity and flexibility during the designing and development stages. We need more feedback from our users in order to improve the Apps.  

There are a lot of decision-making to do within a very limited time and we will keep you posted with our updates. We have been vetting for suitable coffee bean suppliers to provide quality coffee beans to our Arist community. Other accessories and syrups will be available for sale soon. Stay tuned!