#37 Arist Home is Almost Ready

Hi Everyone! 

A lot has happened since our last update and we’re here to bring you some EXCITING news! Ready for the BIG news? Arist Home Edition is READY!!! That’s right! You didn’t read it wrong. Before we get to the meat of this update, we really want to apologize again for the delays and how we've handled communications with you all. We promise we will be keeping all channels of communications open and you will always know what we are doing to get Arist Home shipped to you.

Arist Home Progress

Originally, when we were developing the Arist Home for manufacture, we came across some tricky technical problems, such as miniaturization of the modular components. At the time, it was estimated to take an additional 18 months to get it ready for production. That’s why we proposed to send out the Arist Professional first and pay for the shipping fee if our backers wanted to swap it for Home Edition when it is ready. 

Shortly after we made that announcement, we had some breakthroughs when we were preparing the Arist Professional for manufacturing, which has now allowed for us make Arist Home happen now and not in the future.

To ensure Arist Home can be delivered in a timely manner, we are focusing our efforts in safety certification as this is the key area for more unforeseen delays. We will keep everyone updated on a monthly basis of all progress we make. 

Let's Make Some Coffee...

Before some of you start questioning our credibility and say “this is just another tactic to delay the shipment date", we would like to show you a video demonstrating how Arist Home brews a perfect cup of coffee.

Finally, our sleep-deprived hardware engineers can go home and get some sleep for now! Hopefully drinking too much coffee does not keep them awake for long. 

A New Timeline for Arist APP

As you might remember, we have already released Version 1.3 for iPhone users this March. All versions of the Arist app will be released this November. It’s taking a bit longer than expected but we are determined to create a delightful user experience for all users. We’re doing the best we can to speed up the progress and further details will be released in our coming updates.

  • iOS: Version 1.3 > Version 1.6  
  • Android: Version 1.3 
  • Windows: Version 1.0  

Final Specification

These are the final specification of Arist Home: 

Some changes might be made to fulfill special safety certification requirements (if any), but we are confident that Arist Home has met most of the mandatory requirements for validation of safety certification.

Safety & Reliability

Before we move into mass production, we have to obtain safety certifications where Arist will undergo a series of tough testing to eliminate any safety concerns. We’re currently applying for the following safety certifications:

  • UL982 
  • UL1082 
  • FCC 
  • FDA - approved 
  • CE mark (EN60335, LVD etc.) 
  • ROHS 
  • CB

Arist Home will ready for mass production after we have obtained all the safety certifications we need. After that, we’ll be sending Arist Home to all our backers.

Backer Compensation

As a token of appreciation for your continuous support, we will deposit an amount of credits which is equivalent to the value of your Kickstarter pledge into your Arist account. For example, if you pledged US$299, you will get US$299 in Arist credits. These credits can be used for purchasing coffee beans, recipes and other accessories. In other words, Arist Home will be sent to our backers as a gift. We will release more details in an update in September.  

We hope you will be satisfied with these arrangements.